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PNY Consulting offers the following range of services:

Tax Agents

Acting as tax agents for submission of tax returns, as well as attending to routine queries from tax authorities.

Business Tax Health

Business tax health check for purposes of advising on compliance and tax planning.

Tax Computation

Computing and advising on year end corporate taxes payable and due dates of submission.

VAT Audit and Facilitation

VAT Audit and facilitation of refunds where applicable.

Tax Exemption Assistance

Assisting in getting tax exemption status for qualifying clients. 

Registering with Tax Authorities

Registering with tax authorities and assisting in dealing with income tax, value added tax and pay as you earn audits and investigations.


Tax Training

We have a beginners training session for those who want to know the basics of tax. Anyone running a business must attend this training session. We also offer an intermediate training session for those who want to be 2 steps ahead in their knowledge of the taxation system. Lastly we offer an advanced training session that focuses on the technical aspects of tax. Our training sessions can also be customised to suit the needs of our clients.

Tax Planning

We assist our clients to administer their taxes in the most efficient way within the confines of the law so that they minimise the tax which is chargeable.

Tax Compliance Reviews

We carry out procedures to assess the way the client has been handling their tax administration. The objective is to ensure that they are tax compliant


Completing and Submitting

Completing and submitting statutory tax returns of companies and individuals on the due dates.

Reviewing annual Pay as You Earn

Reviewing annual Pay as You Earn (PAYE) returns followed by submission on due dates.

Other Tax Advisory Services

Other tax advisory services